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The Adventure

It all started when I was thirsting for a sense of freedom. The kind of freedom that makes you get up off your feet and dance. The kind of freedom that makes you laugh so hard your belly aches with joy. The goosebumps on your arm, the lightning in your finger tips, beach sand in your toes- kind of freedom where you can finally let loose, let your hair down, and forget your worries.

I decided to take a week away from my 9-5 pm job and pack a total of 5 items in a little old backpack, literally throw my hair down, and hop on a plane to Costa Rica. When I got there I jumped on a jungle bus from San Jose to Puerto Viejo where I was introduced to the essence of "Pura Vida" (the simple life or pure life as the locals call it). I took the time to be present and to listen to my body. I allowed myself to truly recharge and live in the moment. After a series of yoga sessions in the jungle and surfing with the locals, I was reborn into the best, brightest version of myself.

I realized that I have the power to change my life and that my inner joy will always persevere. I realized that I'm never stuck because I choose to live life how I want. I choose joy and I choose my well being as a priority because the more love I give myself the more I have to share with the world.

So here I am again, yet again on another adventure. I said when I was 5 years old I would grow up to be an artist. So a couple months ago I got in my car and moved to Long Beach, CA. This is the next phase of my soul searching journey where I devote myself to my art and sharing my experiences.

I'm pouring my heart and soul into these yoga mats with the intent to inspire all of you beautiful joyful souls to break free of fear and limitations and to never give up on what makes you feel alive. Let go and trust yourself. Be your own sunshine and no matter what your circumstances are, SHINE BRIGHT.

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